This is a selection from my second cd. It’s unreleased because I haven’t finished mixing and mastering etc etc etc. Why? because I have no money to do that. Plain and simple. There are things I’d change for sure but having written a 3rd cd I don’t know whether I should worry so much.

The musicians are;

Peter Dasent -Piano

Steve Elphick-Bass

Lloyd Swanton-Bass

Jackie Orszacsky- Bass

Andrew Robson- Alto Saxophone

Toby Hall-Drums

Bruce Reid-Guitars


  1. Shelley Scown says:

    Crown fund for sure – it reaches further. Art as a reward is sublime! I’m in for sure. You need to remember that people take great pride in being able to say, “I helped produce that.” Well, I do. I helped produce David Bridie’s gritty and gorgeous “Wake’ album, and have a CD AND a vinyl for my contribution. It makes me feel like I did something important for the music industry (apart from guiding the next generation of musos…) DO IT GURL!

  2. Russ says:

    Yep I’m in for a hundred. Just send bank details and you can send me a cd when it’s finished.

    Cheers Russ
    P. S. I’ll even give you a free copy of my shanty cd. “James Craig Songs of the Sea”.

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