It's been a joy this year to be working with Newtown High. Preparations for trial HSC where beautiful Allegra Monk decided to do Darkwood Road. So much fun for me….

2. I know you were diverted. 
One of my dear students, a boy of 10, learning While my guitar gently weeps. Lifts his t. Shirt to show me his chest and says; I have a diverted nipple!
His mother and I fall off our chairs. 

  1. From 6/4/2017

I should've possibly started writing about my adventures as a choirmaster/singer/tutor a long time ago. So many stories I have forgotten. For years I've been writing the mini series in my head. Some stories, some sounds. To begin…..

I finally started leading my two groups at Newtown Highschool of the Performing Arts. Stories here are only to do with how amazing they are. How willing to sing and how much joy they find in singing well. After only an hour we've accomplished a good part of two songs. The first was meant as a warm-up song but then I asked Tana to take the lead and this is what happened.

Oh my, this young man can sing and he's only in Yr 10.
Then we tried my arrangement of Solange's Rise. Trying hard to make it not sound like a bad meme. With some percussion I think we'll get there.

It's exciting!!

These people are 14 and 15 yrs old