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Darkwood Road










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To the Ocean.
With the storm in me I am all at sea
and the swells that push
haul me to the surface.

I have lost the shore
and the boy
has gone
and heart resounds
like a tidal dreaming
I am all at sea
It’s all in me

The lighthouse cries
will you come to me
will you come to me
when your heart is aching
will you smash your love
will you lose control
swim free to me from the undertow

and it sinks in me
I am all at sea

Brave your soul
glide onto the moss
taste the salt in there
there is no despair

to the tide to the undertow
have you ever loved
and the mermaids call

do it all for me
I am all at sea



You can purchase Darkwood Road here- Darkwood Road




heavenly cornflower blues

Live version

orpheus and eurydice

peter dasent – piano

bruce reid -guitar

lloyd swanton- bass

the heavenly cornflower blues

peter dasent -piano

lloyd swanton -bass

lisa parrott – alto saxophone


this year

a christmas day 2012 attempt at garage band



One comment

  1. Súin ní Chrochuir says:

    Thank goodness, googling your name…to see where the second album is at…I find your shiney new website. It’s been a long time (2010 or 2011?) since the Raval and Seymour Centre gigs – thank you for Lucy Hall @ Raval..a revelation. About to leave Darwin, after two years, once the Darwin Festival is done for another year, in August….but have thought that yourself, and Lucy Hall, are absolute naturals for this festival, and for Darwin in general, that has a surpringly lively local (& visiting) music performance scene (think Brownsmart for example & Darwin City Council). The festival programme needs more jazz – doesn’t everything – and more exceptional brave confronting confident extraordinary singing.
    If I were technically able, I’d attach a New Yorker cartoon here: two street beggars, older to younger, “Now remember, we’re not begging. We’re Crowd Sourcing.” If money’s the barrier to another CD, please know that I (unemployed and income less, as I am) and many many others would forward pre-purchase price to your production account, just say the word.
    Until that happens, I’ll look forward to hearing you live, together with the usual suspects of amazing musicians, as I return somewhere on the east coast.
    High Regards – Súin ní Chrochuir (AKA Rory O’Connor)

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