Is music the key to success?

Why choirs in leadership workshops?

It’s been an incredible experience looking at what choral work can bring to senior/middle  management and C.E.O’s in their understanding of team building and leadership.

What I do.

I take a group of extremely different humans from all walks of life and every cultural background and I ask them to trust me to lead them gently to a place of harmony and rhythm. Firstly I lead them out of their head and into their body through some body percussion and movement and breath.
People fall in and out of rhythm with great hilarity and the most cerebral people have to learn to let go. This creates and even playing field.

Singing together is finding connection and tuning in. When all is said and done the ultimate endeavour is to create beauty. Not to stand out as an individual but to blend, support, encourage and contribute to the choral work and it’s success. To work together. To listen.

As the session comes to a close we, together have created a choir! Often we complete one or two songs in 2/3 part harmony.

Singing is an intimate and personal expression. It takes courage to speak but even more to sing. It takes courage to open your chest and utter a sound that may expose a more vulnerable side to who you are.

Nothing I present is unstructured or unsafe . The most common phrase is; “oh, I haven’t sung since school”. Yep.

I work mostly with The Benevolent Society at their leadership workshops. I’ve also worked with other organisations; The Smith Family, St Georges Community Housing etc etc

When I walk into a room full of CEO’s or management and introduce myself and what my role is in the world the reaction is spine chilling. People shake their heads, groan, try and leave. Some smile and look excited. Most haven’t sung since childhood, most didnt expect to be singing

And so we begin.

Liz Skelton
Principal Consultant at Social Leadership Australia

Tanya has worked on numerous social leadership programs since 2010 She has great skill in being able to work with a diverse range and size of groups from corporate, cross sector and Indigenous groups. She is able to engage with a group from cold and in a very short time bring them into their bodies and voices in song. She intuitively reads the mood of the group and is able to harness their energy collectively to sing in harmony, through this she models the importance of being in the moment, working collaboratively to a shared purpose, working intuitively and following the energy of the group. She does this with great lightness, fun and genuine care and warmth. I highly recommend Tanya to work in lifting creative learning spaces.

July 30, 2012, Liz was tanya’s client

thank you
thank you from Canteen…a great mob

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