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2001-        Bachelor of Music (Composition), Newcastle University

1984        Post Gradate Diploma in Painting, Sydney College of the Arts

1980-83    Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts), Newcastle College of Advanced Education

Music History

2017          Musical Director- Junior Extention Choirs. Yrs 7&8.   Yrs 9&10 NHSPA

2016          Musical Director for Newtown Highschool of the Performing Arts Elite     Junior Choir.

2016          Musical Director for Another Roadside Attraction Choir with performances at The National Folk Festival. Belvoir St in The Events with Catherine McClements and Luke Byrne., Darling Harbour xmas programme.

2014          Musician in Residence. Bundanon. July/August

2014          Solo performance at Kinetic Jazz Festival,Sydney

2014         Choirs at Legal Aid Sydney and The City of Sydney Council.    Workshops with Leadership Australia, Benevolent Society.

2014/13/12    The Singing Club. Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

2013            Leadership workshops with Sydney Leadership Australia, the national management of CANTEEN,    Sydney City Council Town Planners and Architects,

2013           Solo performance at Kinetic Jazz Festival,Sydney

2013            Musical Director -Legal Aid Choir, Sydney. Cicada Children’s Choir. Another Roadside Attraction Choir.

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2012            Musician in Residence. Bundanon

2010/11/12/13            workshops for -The Benevolent Society,Leadership  Australia. The Smith  Family and other companies.

2011            Singing tutor for Playschool Actors ABC

2011            Newtown Primary Childrens Choir.Carriageworks childrens choir rehearsal conductor

2011            Choirmaster for numerous childrens choirs.

2010            Singing tutor and a cappella teacher, St Catherine’s School for Girls, Waverley

2008            Awarded Australia Council Grant.

2007            Special Guest with The Sydney Street Choir. The Basement. Sydney

2005-            Musical Director for ‘Another Roadside Attraction’ (a cappella choir)

1995-2006    Singing tutor and a cappella teacher, St Catherine’s School for Girls, Waverley

2002            Soloist in Testimony – The Legend of Charlie Parker, with the Australian Art Orchestra,

Sydney Opera House, Melbourne Concert Hall

1995-2001    A cappella teacher for various community groups, Australia-wide

1998      Awarded Australia Council Grant for recording

1998               Support for Tim and Neil Finn, Metro, Sydney

1998            Musical/Artistic Director of A Choral Sea, Sydney Town Hall

1997            Conductor,700 strong choir A Choral Sea, Sydney Town Hall

1993-96     work with Jane Campion for Sweetie,An Angel at my Table and Portrait of a Lady

1990     Chrysalis recording grant from Nigel Grange, Sinead O’Connors producer at the time.

1986-96        Assistant Musical Director, Café of the Gate of Salvation (choir)


  1. Jo says:

    Dear Tanya, it was lovely to meet you at Bundanon, hear some of your beautiful songs on Saturday night and talk about parenting. Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability. My time at Bundanon was enriching and I was able to write poems and make prints. I’d love to share some with you. I hope your plans for September go well. I’m sure it will be a great experience. May grace go with you, Jo

    • sparke says:

      Hi Trish, yes I do. I work from Newtown. I teach one hour/ 45 minutes / half hour lessons. $75/ 55/ 40. Working in school terms of usually 9/10 weeks. Thanks for asking. T

  2. Tom says:

    Hi Tanya. I reckon it must’ve been an evening 20+ years ago, I was listening to The Planet with Lucky Oceans. He played your song The Heavenly Cornflower Blues. That song – that one time I heard it – has stuck with me all this time. It was so goddamn beautiful. Every now and then I’ve tried searching online for half-remembered lyrics, but I couldn’t find it. Recently something jogged in my memory and I finally remembered the song title, and found you have put the song up on youtube. After all these years, hearing the song again, it was exactly as I remember it. Thank you for this song. It’s just right.

    • sparke says:

      Hi Tom,
      It’s lovely to know that you found it again and your compliment keeps me going. It’s definitely one of my best songs and it’s stood the test of time, which is what I hoped for. Thank you.

  3. Ellie Coledan says:

    Hi Tanya.
    My son goes to NHSPA and would like singing lessons. You were recommended to me by a couple of parents and I was wondering whether you had any spots left during school hours? Otherwise, do you have any slots out of school hours?
    Thanks, Ellie

    • sparke says:

      Hi Ellie,
      I not actually a one to one singing tutor at NHSPA. I lead extension choirs, both junior and senior. So while I do have some spaces available in the day time it wouldn’t work of course. I may have a half hour slot on a Monday afternoon around 4pm if that’s any help? That would be at my home about ten minutes from school. My email is

  4. Nikki Heywood says:

    HI Tanya,
    Listening to some of your songs again has transported me… truly exquisitely sublime
    I’s Nikki H here (old Cafe soprano ;). there’s something I want to talk to you about.
    can you please get in touch when you have a moment??

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