The heartbreaking story of author Colin Mackay who drove a truck filled with supplies to Bosnia from Scotland during that conflict to assist in some way. On staying to help he fell in love with a woman called Svetlana, the mother of two who’s husband had been killed earlier in that conflict. Colin wanted to take his love and her children back to Scotland with him and sought to attain the papers to do so. With papers in hand he returned to the village with the intent to leave as a family. However, the village had been wiped out and Svetlana and her children murdered. Svetlana was also pregnant with Colin’s child. Colin returned to Scotland a broken man. He would go on to write what would end up being his suicide letter to the world, Cold Night Lullaby. This song written by Karine Polwart has been sung by The Mae Trio and further arranged by myself. Here, my beautiful Yr 9/10 choir sing the song for them and in memory; Waterlily. Soloist- Stella Olive with Arlo helping as well. 


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