Thank you RN, Doug Spencer and Lucky Oceans.

On Wednesday morning I was out of town when a flood of messages came through my phone, surprisingly, as the internet was rarely available. Beautiful friends were trying to tell me that they’d listened in the heat of a Sydney night to their beloved Nightly Planet and what they heard was one of my compositions, one of the best songs I’ve ever written, The Heavenly Cornflower Blues.

I had no idea and I want to say thank you.

This is the reason this national radio show was so important…at least to me.

When the music is the most important thing, when you feel you’ve practised your art form but nobody listens and infact some leave you out. I always had the support of Doug Spencer and The Planet mob. You mob have been the only folk who have understood and supported. As I’ve grown more tired, Ive fallen more silent but I haven’t stopped writing or performing, even if it were only in my loungeroom. I’ve taken any support or gig always to improve and keep alive even if its meant facing a kind of self worth terror.

For me and others like me this programme was a life line. A message to say, ” keep going girl” and as my Father used to say; “don’t let the bastards grind you down”.

I’m so sad that this show has been cut but it’s a sign of the times. Lucky, Doug and Robyn are still doing great things and we’ll keep supporting their greatness and I’ll keep singing and composing.

Thank You

Here’s the link while it lasts…Daily Planet

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