This is Connie Converse.

Like Photographer,Vivian Maier, she was discovered well after the point. Connie was re-found in 2009 in a pile of filed recordings.

I’ve been a little obsessed with her.

It must have been a difficult time (50’s) for an intelligent creative woman to seek a career in music as a singer songwriter. Her story touches me deeply as do her songs full of sadness and sunsets of what could’ve been. Her melodies are sometimes complex and her lyrics, sometimes really funny. She took off in her VW when she was 50. Yep. Connie would be 91 if she was alive today, however, her brother now deceased believes she drove into a lake or a river somewhere. I wonder why he thinks that. He never saw her again. She left letters for everyone though they weren’t suicide letters.

What touches me is the shyness of these women’s art practice. Not bold, not able to be heard or seen, and so, forgotten. I don’t believe Vivian wanted to be found but Connie did and then gave up. I feel the weight of the moment she gave up as I stare out the window at the Tarago. I really love them both.

An article from the BBC   Connie

Her album of songs Connie Converse

I would like to gather my favourite singers and do a concert of her songs. Should I?

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