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Ive recently discovered Margaret Glaspy. I don’t know very much about her and there aren’t many you tubes so it’s like watching someone go from home video’s into the Daytrotter studio and start to pick up speed. She’s a top guitarist and her voice is maturing out from the fashionable squawk to something with more depth. She references other songs in her compositions both lyrically and musically but she’s not smug about it. Here’s a few tubes.

Emily King is going from strength to strength and will tour NZ this year. She had a record deal as a kid, got out of it and then found her sound. Her parents are Jazz musicians and she’s taken her lead from there I reckon. One of her biggest fans is Joan Wasser, (Joan as Police Woman). That makes sense. I love Joan. This is from her second album, “The Switch”.( as an independent) but I prefer her first, “Seven “. She’s says she’s a “light” singer and I love that. I’m so sick of singers yelling it down and ripping your face off. Nothing wrong with giving good head voice. I prefer to have my face ripped off with varying tonalities and amps.And give me some mistakes too, thats where the art hides.


And heres Joan.

I listened to Joans first two albums as if they were my lovers. I listened as  I grieved my mothers death. I didn’t know that they were written as she was in her grief after the death of her boyfriend ,Jeff Buckley and her own mother. It was all I listened to. I love Joan. She’s mad and wonderful and she has yoga arms. I’ve seen her twice now and she helps me feel strong in some way. I don’t know. She’s been trying for an Al Green sound for while now and I think you can hear that best on her latest album, “The Classic”.

One more. This is Brooke Waggoner and its literally the only song of hers I like. Thats all.


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