100 birds….to a CD be…




pink robin…sold

Dear people,
Over the next 6 months or probably more, I’m attempting to paint 100 birds to raise money to finish my 2nd cd and to begin/finish my 3rd.

I’ve observed the crowd funding model and there is alway something that sits uncomfortably with me. Although I have donated with excitement to a few ventures I’ve always felt nervous about asking for money. Something about it feels kind of rude and I’m not confident at all around it. I often think some of the gifts are really stupid too, like my autograph on a card ???? Why??

I’ve always thought that if you want to give, then just give because the music is enough. It’s a huge effort to write,arrange, record, perform etc, your original work. Cooking dinners and writing cards…well, yeah, I can do that but it seems odd don’t you think?

I’m not really launching anything til i get my head around it but I thought I’d start with painting 100 birds. I have 86 to go.

The ones on this page are 10X8, oil on board..  I’ve sold most at $180 each unframed.

I didn’t mean to sell them yet, I wanted to launch the 100 at once but I needed to pay the rent so thanks to you.

So…I suppose, I could take orders for the CD fund. I haven’t decided whether to launch with an established crowdfunder yet but the idea would be the same. Examples of the “uncomfortable little adjectives” the 2nd are loaded up, unmixed or mastered on this website to give you an idea of the quality. The 3rd cd is written and I’ve been singing it around town most of this year. I wrote most of it at my Music Residency at Bundanon 2 yrs ago and again this year.

Recently, Doug Spencer played some tracks on The Weekend Planet, I didn’t hear them but friends told me how he said how sad it was that I hadn’t got the next cd’s out. It is sad and I have tried, I want you to know that. Over the years its felt like Doug has been my only radio support and I’m totally grateful. My 2nd cd should’ve been put out 15yrs ago and I don’t want to wait that long again but getting help seems so impossible and my confidence wans.

Also, anyone that would like to help me think this through is welcome to drop me a line. I’m pretty busy parenting and working with choirs and singers so much that I lose my train of thought. It’s well past time to get these out and I so would love to.

Erm…thats all folks. t.sparke

these painted images, whilst not my usual style of art, nevertheless,remain the copyright of t.sparke



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