i think i can….

i’m going to try and flap my wings and take my babies and stay calm but cry a lot …i’m going to ache because i should’ve but i didn’t, i’m going to ache because i have, i’m going to feel small when beauty unravels my logic and throws colours upon my fresh eyes and my heart will pound with nerves and their endings will shiver with the hurt from loving the world,i’m going to be one of you and you won’t shriek at me anymore because i haven’t because i will have and i will be a minty wrapper and the foil from an easter egg and i will take a picture of mum and dad and show them what i see because they didn’t ,I’m learning to ask for a pizza with no cheese in 3 different languages and i’m going to fill my pockets with wallets with poetry so when i get pick pocketed like EVERYONE keeps telling me they’ll get a whole lot of words like i still love you you you tricky bastard,i’m going to embarrass my children by cracking excellent jokes to people who cant understand a word i’m saying and i might just start singing out randomly because i haven’t got a gig anywhere except in my head and its so loud in there that my ears hurt and i’ll never have to say, this is my first time because i will have and you can all sleep because i won’t be doing much of that, i’ll be trying, i’ll be nervous but i will be, because …i think i can.

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