This Saturday and Sunday I’m travelling down to Bundanon to stay here……





with this lovely man



On Saturday night we”ll have the pleasure of sitting down to dinner in the Boyd home with the press. On Sunday we’ll be playing two sets of my music, some of which was written at my residency last year at Bundanon.

My time in Bundanon was a special and emotional time as I hadn’t been away from parenting 3 kids in 20 yrs. Of course I didn’t realise that until I got down there. So many Art and Music institutions are solely for emerging artists…yeah I get it…but for many of us, especially women who have children through there late twenties and thirties there are few areas of the community that take you seriously. It takes a lot to even get a gig. This weekend I’m missing Magnolia’s 14th birthday and it doesn’t feel great but I’m absolutely starving to stand and do what I do and what Ive done for a very long time, my music.

Bundanon is an area of the Arts community that never judge whether you’re emerging, established or ignored. They see what you do and who you are and they support you with respect and regard. The only thing you need to do… is your art form because that’s your day job. After the 30yrs of contributions I’ve made to the music community it feels like a big beautiful hug for a job well done.

Thank You Bundanon mob. Thank you Arthur and Yvonne Boyd for the most wonderful gift and thank you for being one tiny corner of the universe that allows artists to work freely.


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