Dear Amanda Palmer,

Dear Amanda,

I was just wondering if I might ask you to pay my rent this month. I’m not like you. I’m shy and I get stage terror’s but I have gigged and written since I was 16 and I just can’t seem to get paid right. I’m also pretty private and I try and navigate this life as gently and courageously as I can. I find it so hard to ask the way you do and that may mean my next two CD’s, which are written, may never see the light of day. I think what I create is OK, worth paying for, worth listening to but I just can’t ask the way you can. The days when people seek good art is gone because now you have to shove it in people’s face and I have difficulty here. So forgive me for being one of the shyer lot but I saw your TED talk and thought you’d understand and maybe you could pay my rent this month because I can’t.

thank you

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